Hotel Safety Information

Your safety and security are our utmost concern. Cape Cod generally offers a safe environment.  We suggest while you are staying with us, or in any hotel, you should use the same safety precautions and common-sense approach that you would use in your own home. Please take the time to observe a few simple steps to keep yourself and your valuables secure, including:

  • Secure your room doors
  • Open the door only for persons you can identify. 
  • Lock your car whenever it is parked in the lot. 
  • Keep your cash and jewelry on your person.  
  • Familiarize yourself with the quickest exit path from your room. 
  • If you lose your room key, alert the Front Desk immediately.


In case of a medical emergency, dial 911 using your cellphone. For non-urgent medical concerns, please contact the Front Desk. Remain calm; give your name, your room number and brief description of the emergency. The Front Desk will alert the appropriate personnel. 

Smoke Detectors

Each room is equipped with a hard-wired smoke detector with a back-up battery and a heat detector that is hard-wired into a monitored central panel.  Both devices should always remain operational. The red light on the smoke detector should blink every minute or so. If the red light is not blinking or the smoke alarm is “chirping”, please notify the Front Desk.

If your smoke alarm should sound, look for fire or smoke. If there is a fire then leave the room immediately and evacuate to the parking lot. If it appears to be steam from a hot shower, open your window and inform the Front Desk. Please do not attempt to silence the alarm yourself. We will send the appropriate personnel to assist you.

Building Evacuation

It is unlikely that evacuation of the building should become necessary. However, evacuation routes have been planned and tested for use, in case the need should arise. Should an alarm ever sound, feel the doors for heat before you open them. If they are cool, inch the door open, looking for smoke. If there is no smoke outside, exit to the main parking area via the nearest stairway, checking fire exit doors the same way. Stay calm and relaxed and proceed deliberately.

Power Outage

On occasion, weather conditions may cause temporary power outages. All corridors and stairwells, and public areas are equipped with emergency lighting which automatically turns on in the event of a power outage. Please stop by the Front Desk for any assistance needed. Rest assured that we will be making every effort to rectify the problem. (If you would like light sticks or a flashlight they will be available at the Front Desk.)

Nearest Hospitals

Falmouth Hospital

Yawkey Emergency Center 

100 Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth, MA 

(508) 548-5300


Cape Cod Healthcare Urgent Care

273 Teaticket Hwy, Falmouth, MA 

(508) 495-8000


ConvenientMD Urgent Care

40 Davis Straits, Falmouth, MA 

(774) 255-3010